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Sometimes you stumble on something so pretty you have to share it. That’s how I felt about a thread of tweets I read yesterday. I followed and asked permission to share. @thaabzeniko’s twitter bio reads: “gay. they/ them. mostly in black. guzzling wine somewhere. this be ma corner on the interwebs” Gotta love that. They […]

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Sometimes I forget you’re there. But you come back. You remind me that you’re still around. Bile comes rising up and froths at my trembling lips. It’s hard to imagine you used to consume most of me and that I thought it was normal to walk alongside you, pointing, laughing and making others feel small. […]

“Gay kids can be selfish too, and should have more patience and empathy with parents, because what the parents are dealing with is the end of a dream”. A friend said this a few years ago and I never forgot it. It was so counter to what we’re expected to believe. Dreams might not always […]

Then you wonder, is this not supposed to get easier with age? Is experience not doing its job if this is the effect? Is it arrogant to take this as a failure? Oh its nothing new. You’ve heard it a million times. A little ‘like’ and some love slowly morphs into something unrecognisable until where […]

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Anyone who knows me knows when I’m onto something, I never let it go. Like a dog yanking on a piece of steak, I am reminded why I go years being single. I’m a sucker for bleeding a good revelation to its shriveling end, and with not much good out there in this treacherous world, […]

You know those signs at camp sites that say “Leave it like you found it”? Take you trash with you. Not even “leave it better” or make any improvements. Just leave everything as it was when you got there. I think that should apply to all places, and even people. At the beginning of this […]

Username: Simpiwe_ Password: ********* I stared at myself in the black screen in the approximately three seconds before it came alive. My hair was already growing. I leaned in for a closer look on the make shift mirror before it was time to go live. Bags under my eyes, the “black don’t crack” jokes that […]

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As a journalist for a Sunday paper, I often have to work the Saturday late shift. That requires sitting in the office from 18:00 to midnight and making crime and emergency calls. Of course this is also the time in which I practise my choreography and stuff my face with an assembly line of food. […]

Is there anything better than a rude waiter? Oh golly, I clasp my hands together and oscillate with closed eyes at the thought of it. Waiting is such a strange profession. I’ve been a cater waiter and I take my hat off to anyone who does this for a living. It is hard work. Writer […]

I guess I should start this post by saying that this is not the actor Robin Williams, but a friend who happens to have the same name. I haven’t posted in quite some time and thought I’d share a share. I found this on Facebook of all places and it hit me. Robin blogs here. […]

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