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A trampoline park is no place for epiphanies. Well, the park would just have to adapt or die, because I was going nowhere. I sat on the platform a few metres from the ground. To be fair, it was a few metres from the trampoline floor and foam cubes. The ground was below that. Details […]

I mean, like the kids say, we been knew. But still, it always takes a moment of silence amid the noise to realise that music has always been that bitch and that’s all I have to say on that. Not literally, of course. I have a few more words. I am in China on my […]

Is there anything more chic? I scrub mine. I watch as the water swirls round and round the bucket, sloshing down the drain. Whirlpools of dirt pulled from the fabric. I love a good white shirt with nearly everything – black pants, blue jeans, light weather, dark moods. The ironing time is always worth it. […]

Fans and wannabe clusters were outraged last week at the cancellation of Sense8. The Netflix show proved just too expensive and logistically unsound to continue. With two seasons under its belt, the show is no more. My friend Theo said it best: “This show deserved better”. For an analysis of the first season, check his […]

As the heavens open up on the still-drought stricken Western Cape, there is no better time to remind people to still save water. Don’t let your guard down just because the floodgates are open. That is when the enemy prospers. Days-long rains remind me of my childhood. Twas a cold night a long time ago… […]

I came across this while looking through old emails. This was the first story I wrote with my then mentor. We travelled to Ladismith in the Western Cape to cover the devastating drought, and water shortage there. Because the Western Cape is going through this current drought, despite occasional rain, I thought the parallels were […]

Well, come on then. We’re not gonna make it all the way up there if we sit here moping. Oh, don’t you start with me. It’s the same 12 floors we always take. I’ll have none of your complaining. I even wore sneakers. What do you mean you’re too tired?! What about me? I have […]

Sometimes you stumble on something so pretty you have to share it. That’s how I felt about a thread of tweets I read yesterday. I followed and asked permission to share. @thaabzeniko’s twitter bio reads: “gay. they/ them. mostly in black. guzzling wine somewhere. this be ma corner on the interwebs” Gotta love that. They […]

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Sometimes I forget you’re there. But you come back. You remind me that you’re still around. Bile comes rising up and froths at my trembling lips. It’s hard to imagine you used to consume most of me and that I thought it was normal to walk alongside you, pointing, laughing and making others feel small. […]

“Gay kids can be selfish too, and should have more patience and empathy with parents, because what the parents are dealing with is the end of a dream”. A friend said this a few years ago and I never forgot it. It was so counter to what we’re expected to believe. Dreams might not always […]

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