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  • I’ve been thinking about the adage “The best revenge for heartbreak is looking good.” I think I have the exact wording wrong, but it’s simple. You get your heart broken and instead of moping around and waiting for better days, you fix yourself up goddammit.
  • New hair, wardrobe, diet, exercise and the rest that would make him/her/them eat his/her/their heart(s) out. But this made me consider what this focuses on. The outside. So I’m reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth AGAIN. I die for it. So insightful, but it made me realise how easy it is to lose ones way, and especially focus. My god, it happens in the blink of an eye, or over the slip of a year. Looking good after someone takes your feelings for a joke are fine and well, but then what? I’ll tell you what, you are the fool who is left gloating for a good few moments and then you feel like a right twit for being so superficial.
  • Sure the memory will remain and it’s something to laugh with your friends over drinks. The unfortunate thing is that many memories tend to stick. And in the end, it will become something to cry over. Over many drinks even, possibly alone.
  • I’m reading the book for the fourth time and I always find a new perspective or insight into something I had previously overlooked in my life. It feels like a new reading each time, depending on the time and place in my life. This time it made me think about this inside/outside thing. Sure it feels amaze to walk into a room and having people cooing over the way you look. Trust me; I have had it happen many a times (in the mirror at home while I’m alone. Still counts)
  • So how about a little balance?  Instead of faffing and preening, sit quietly with yourself for a moment and think about the mock in your life, the good and the bad. A lot more shit will come from it, but you know what, that’s the point and that is OK. If we all take a look at what is lurking inside, I think we will be surprised at what we are suppressing. Alright, this rant is officially over. My friends can come out of hiding. Well, as long as you all remain conscious and present as you do that.
  • <p>Author <a href=”https://plus.google.com/102128103971030481396” target=”blank” rel=”author”>Jerome Cornelius</a></p>

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