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What happens in Grahamstown when you have too much gin and end up alone in your room at 11pm?

Well this is what happenend! The post below is what happens when I become drunk and profound. Enjoy!

Ive always wanted to write when I am drunk and this is the ensuing mock. First of nall, I am soooo happy because I discovered a whole bunch of creative work the other day at the interent café when I wa s printing stuff before I cam to the grahamstown national arts festival. I just saw this folder named “jaw” and it had a whole bunch of titles and things that I never developed so watch this space.

Write now I am not drunk drunk, just like drunk drunk. I was tweeting all night and it was not that bad at all. Some guy asked me at the urinal if I had any “illegal substances.” I assumed he meanted horse tranquilisers, so I said no, because that is in my other nag.

I nearly drunk dialled my ex. How dramtic would that not have been?@

Loterally I would have died. Like I said I am not that drunk, so it would have been ok, but I kept hearing Evanascance;s “you never call me when youre sber ”playing in my head so I decided ()in my not too drunk state to call my bff. The tswana queen was understabding and didn’t chastise me too much. The prince of Botswana did not answer his phonme. I hate him.

I left my first ever drunk voice mail, It was not pretty, I asloi did  a review of a play I watched earler. It was baultiful. The play I mean. The review too. Because I had so many idead and stuff.

Ifff too bed now. Goiodnight


<p>Author <a href=”https://plus.google.com/102128103971030481396” target=”blank” rel=”author”>Jerome Cornelius</a></p>


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