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“Things we hide in the dark, manifests and festers in the light” – I loved this quote from a friend, and how perfectly it fit in with what I was trying to say in this post.

I recently coined a term known as a “nose fart.” This is when someone pisses you off so much that instead of holding it in, you exhale deeply out your nose. Get it? Like a fart. If you know what a “shart” is, be grateful that I don’t have a cold.

Mildly amusing, I know, but it made me think about how many of us HOLD IT IN. Think of it with regards to actual farting, or in a metaphorical way, but it must come out eventually. How it comes out is up to you as you make the choice. Or for some of us, how we don’t make the choice.

I was speaking to a friend and she said that “it has to manifest itself somewhere.”

I have way too many people in my life who don’t cry. How is it that these are the same people who do not hesitate to hold in their farts in public, yet are too scared to let a little saline drip from their faces?

My Floor Jawers who have been following my ramblings know that I’m all about a good spiritual lesson, and there is no better one than the idea of inner and outer, and how they affect one another. Sure, dressing well makes you feel better for the moment; and drinking alcohol loosens you up for a bit; yes fixing your face and body will bring temporary relief, but where is the end? There is always a turn, and that’s where your bowels come in.

One can only fill a hole so much before it overflows. Think of yourself as that  (w)hole and how you are filling it. Is it with useful, fulfilling, enlightening goodies, or is it muck and mock? Too often I see morbidly obese people on TV who say they have no idea how they got to where they are.  I finally get that now!

I know all about avoidance. I tend to throw myself into fantasy and fiction and read and watch everything I can. Thank gods I discovered consciousness and can do this with that thought of awareness in mind. When people start moving around unaware and without intention, is when unintended and unwelcomed things happen. You may say that you are responsible and know what you are doing, but it is often at the point when it is too late before you realise that the path you were on has diverged from its original trajectory. You see? Farts!

You hold them in, like the tears, or maybe straight forward constipation if it suits you, and then do not realise that you are ill due to your own doing. I am, of course, not advocating for mass release of methane-tainted gas into our atmosphere. That’s the last thing we need. What we do need is for our faces to not strain and frown as we hold in the build-up of what could be something explosive.

Can I take this moment to pat myself on the back for a disgusting and suitably lengthy extended metaphor? Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Deepak Chopra!

“So what do I do now?” I hear you asking me as you crouch at my feet like good lambs. You get it into your head and heart that where you hold it in in one place, it will come out in another. What you think you are suppressing by putting away and locking, will creep up on you, after it had festered and grown.

And… release.


<p>Author <a href=”https://plus.google.com/102128103971030481396” target=”blank” rel=”author”>Jerome Cornelius</a></p>


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  1. […] I recently told a colleague how I had been holding my fart in all day (she was asking why I seemed so uncomfortable) and at that point her face lit up and she said, “Me too!” It was such a, you know, relief, to share that moment with someone and that we all go through holding things in, whether that’s physical or emotional. Just remember, it has to come out somewhere. […]

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