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My Best Advice – Part 1

I’m an advice junkie. I love a good bit of inspiration. I started writing and off the top of my head, this is my incomplete collection – probably plagiarised, definitely paraphrased and sometimes entirely my own.

  • Choose.
  • If you decide that you want to change your life, do it before you take a nap.
  • There’s nothing more important than being regular.
  • It’s not about what you say, but rather about who said it first, and who said it better. Don’t keep it in. Always say what you need to, at the time, and do it well.
  • If we listened to our own advice, we wouldn’t need the advice of others.
  • We spend too much time reading the advice of others and not enough time implementing them.
  • If you want to write something powerful and affirmative, do it in pen. Even better, in thick permanent marker.
  • Too many decisions are based on fear, and driven by the ego. If you are not honest, at least try and be honest about your fears.
  • We are too complacent, yet we knock down the change makers, the revolutionaries. That’s why there are so few for every generation. We fear them. We fear fearlessness.
  • We do the wrong thing because it’s easier than doing the work and recognising our own brilliance. Being bad is easy – taking drugs, eating crap, ignoring the voices of good, apathy, are all easy to do. We are often just too lazy to make the choice, yet we sit comfortably and complain about it. This is because we hate being unhappy alone, so the easy and lazy option is to make others as unhappy as you are.

<p>Author <a href=”https://plus.google.com/102128103971030481396” target=”blank” rel=”author”>Jerome Cornelius</a></p>


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