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The Problem with @MrCPT

For starters, I was struggling with including his name (or Twitter handle), but the world deserves to know.

It’s been a week since his tasteless tweet, so I thought that there were still connections to general attitudes and the perceptions of reactions that one could make.

Who is he? This is, in all honestly, not that important. What is important is the influence he wields. With 8,000+ followers in Twitter and connections to brands, he certainly has a voice and some power. This could be seen as a microcosm for even bigger celebs with more followers, and potential for influence, who should be held to account.

To step back for a second; @MrCPT in this instance could really be replaced with Chris Brown and other public figures, like the recent Justine Sacco, with influence who have displayed similar disdain, but I’ll explain that. The reason for the focus on this “Tweleb” is because the latest incident is recent, and local.

His tweet read: “how much would I have to pay you to pomp honey boo boo?”

For those who are not aware, Honey Boo Boo, as she is called is an American reality TV star. She is also a child.

He apologised and said that his friend took his phone without his knowledge and sent out that tweet.

I, for one, am all for second chances, but based on his past behaviour, this is hard to swallow. With my Chris Brown comparison, the act (abuse) was different, but the unrepentant reaction was eerily similar. Instead of humbling himself and admitting that he was wrong, he went on the rampage. This time, he seemed cold and resolute. The apology smacked of an attitude that says, it is what is, now accept and move on.

He said: “a) my phone was unattended b) my douche mate uploaded a kak tweet c) apologies if it offended you d) have a good night.”

The previous incident was also a tweet that he, not a friend, sent out. This one also caused a storm of slut shaming controversy, and more sincere apologies.

Instead of realising that what he said offended many, many people, he attacked them..

This incident, which will cease to exist in no time at all, speaks to the problem with our society. For one, are we not the company we keep? If his friend posted that tweet, then why did he not condemn said friend harshly? Many people would attest that they find that kind of language despicable, even if the person were a friend or family member (remember, what was said was basically paedophilia, in joke form, of course)

The problem is that while he has not condemned himself, nor his friend, neither has anyone else. Is this just the way that things go that we leave to the “Feminazis” and rape sympathisers to sort out? Surely it’s not our problem, he’s just a random blogger Twitter guy who can’t have that much of an effect on the world? But that’s exactly where we miss the mark. It starts with a joke, which emanates outward to apologist behaviour in perpetrators. How can we judge and condemn those who act abusively when we are all laughing about it?

Looking through his others tweets, there were examples of someone who does not seem to understand that he is a person of influence among brands and on Twitter. There, using words like “kunt” and “poes”, in any context, should not be tolerated.


 <p>Author <a href=”https://plus.google.com/102128103971030481396” target=”blank” rel=”author”>Jerome Cornelius</a></p>

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  1. Brilliantly written as always!

    In Support,

    • Marky Maaaaark!! Thank you! So sorry for the late reply. Been super busy. Ja, this fool cant keep saying dumb stuff like this. I’m actually posting a sort of follow-up later.

  2. […] friend told me that my previous post about @MrCPT was not necessary and I should not have given him as many words as I did. This made me think about […]

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