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What are some of the strangest places you’ve found a life lesson? They are there, waiting for us to open our eyes, minds and hearts to them. For me, it is two games that I’ve been playing on the tablet. In particular, Angry Birds and Subway Surf. They are real time killers, and super addictive in their simplicity. I doubt the creators meant for idiot bloggers to look for meaning in their creations, but… So be it.

You really do not need to have played these games – the general idea is there. But for those who absolutely want to know what they are about, it’s simple. Subway Surf is a guy running along, picking up coins as he goes. He has to dodge obstacles and there are daily challenges.

Angry Birds is a lot more popular, with its equally simple concept. You launch little birds, who are very angry-looking (get it?!), at pigs, and later monkeys, to destroy them for points. Play with extreme caution. I repeat, very addictive!


There they are.

You may not always get what you want, but life goes on regardless – Do the best with what you have. Some of the birds come with special abilities. The yellow ones can fly fast; the big beige one can drop an egg bomb and the parrots are weird and flappy. They are all useful and exceptional in their own ways, but you do not get to choose them. You’re given the hand you’re dealt and you have to make the most of it. Complaining about getting the wrong birds? Sure, go ahead. Let me know how that works for you.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what tools you have, because you may not always need them – So with all the above abilities of the angry birds, it may seem as if you have everything you need, but sometimes that may not be the right thing for you. Just because you can drop that bomb does not always mean that you should. Crashing into the scaffolding with just the bird was enough and brought down the whole structure, destroying all the pigs (I swear you need to play the game to get it). Oftentimes we think that we need to have the best of everything to complete us, when in fact we need very little.

If you do something long enough, you will get the hang of it – I said something on Facebook that, I was told, was particularly insightful (if I do say so myself). It goes: “If fighting is all you ever know, it is all you will ever do”. Someone even suggested it was Hallmark card-worthy. That may have been pushing it, but whatever, I like it. Well, just as in life, where we repeat the same patterns over and over hoping for the best, we tend to miss the part where we are supposed to learn from repetition. Change it up, throw that bird towards the far end instead of the first pig, try something new.

And over at Subway Surfer…


Surfing trains was never this fun.

As monotonous as the journey may seem, there will be surprises, and rewards. Stay prepared – If you lose focus just because you’re bored or because it’s taking too much hard work and focus to be committed to the cause (I may be taking this game a little too seriously. Just a bit…). So I’m running along because I had spent all my coins on Mystery Boxes because it’s like a lucky draw – you never know what’s going to be inside – and I got bored. Guess what, losing focus made me pass a key. A key is like a free life. I was not obedient and I lost out. Luckily  the game, like a lot in life, is cyclical and it came back around and I got a second chance. How many of us get second chances and we waste it?

If you can’t get what you want, you could always buy your way in –  It’s true. You work hard for your money, so why not get to spend it? As long as it’s earned the honest way (and not bought via some cheating shortcut) then who is anyone to tell you otherwise?  But,

the reward will not be as sweet – I may as well have gone for the cliché  grand slam. However, it is true. One of the challenges was “to beat your own high score”, and because my score was something over 1,000,000, it was proving pretty darn difficult. But I forgot about it and stopped checking the score and playing to beat it. I just played and zoned out and had fun again. Boom! Score beaten.


<p>Author <a href=”https://plus.google.com/102128103971030481396” target=”blank” rel=”author”>Jerome Cornelius</a></p>


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