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Don’t fall in love with the people pleaser

Don’t make eyes at the romance teaser

Avoid the boy who is hot, but bad

Don’t give your heart, not even a tad


Don’t go for the guy with too many friends

His time diluted, you know how that ends

Don’t fall in love with the “told you so” speaker

And avoid with gust the attention seeker


Don’t take a chance, because life is long

This you may have heard in a song

Don’t write long letters, you’re wasting your time

Don’t give your heart, and don’t call them “mine”

Don’t fall in love with the confused young poet

Headstrong, idealistic and free

Don’t believe the words of a crafty wordsmith

But definitely don’t take it from me


You see, it’s a risk, an old school concept

One that you cannot predict for shit

One without reason and sometimes no rhyme

Like the weather you feel in every storm


But most of all

Don’t listen to bloggers, looking for love

Their sarcasm you might not perceive

They are simply trying to get your attention

To the lessons do not be a sieve


So remember

Don’t forget to jump off the edge

Especially when you’ve been teetering, alone on a ledge

Don’t forget to jump in on the deep side

For those who don’t, will forever you chide.


Don’t pay attention to the haters and love losers

Their time will come

Remember that nothing is what it seems for a reason

Confusion will only last, as long as a season

Don’t forget to love with acceptance

Don’t forget that it is patient and kind

Don’t fall for rules about love

Or never will you find

Don’t forget that its always worth the shot,

So most of all don’t do not.


Don’t believe the thoughts in your mind

Remember that love is amazing

Don’t forget that sometimes words fail

Remember while your heart may be fazing


If you could not see through this faux-cynical rant,

then definitely don’t fall in love

But the greatest love lesson to everyone else, unquestionably is, to

certainly don’t not fall in love.

<p>Author <a href=”https://plus.google.com/102128103971030481396” target=”blank” rel=”author”>Jerome Cornelius</a></p>



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