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Keeping it fresh

I suppose I could start with an anecdote about how I’ve been gone for so long, but for all of my 2.5 readers (for whom I’m eternally grateful), I figure we’d jump right on it.

Recently I joked with someone that after having seen him a few times, that I will now ignore him for a few months to, you know, keep things fresh.

I got a little jolt because I had a dramatic flashback to a few months ago when I made the same joke with a friend who I had not seen in a few weeks. We had a great time – talking, laughing, pontificating. And I have not seen him since.

I thought about this a lot, and all answers led me back to our old friend, Fear. Why are we afraid of something good? Why do we think we do not deserve good things? By that I do not mean the superficial (material), but the things that seem unattainable.

This blog is an example of one of those moments of fear. Again, I had a jolt when I felt the clammy hands of Fear caressing me, telling me how great I am. Fear is a hypocrite, and so am I. I even wrote about it here, yet here I am a few months later, consumed by my day job and letting down a responsibility. Yes, responsibility. A friend actually dropped his usually humorous side and told me that I took on writing as a responsibility and that by not being committed to it, I am letting down my readers. Sooo seriiiiooous!

The other slap in the face was a tweet by a dear friend who asked, “When last did you update your website/blog?” Damn you, intelligent and unintentionally well-meaning friend!

This is, of course, not to say that one should commit to something – blog, friendship, or otherwise – with the expectation of freshness. I mean, we’re not bread.

Life is as fresh as we want it to be, and that is my wish for you. Seeing as I did not do a new year’s wish, I hope that you, dear readers, appreciate every moment and keep it as fresh as you want it.

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  1. All 2.5 of us wait patiently to see that notification come through saying something new has escaped the clutches of your mind! #SeparationAnxiety

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