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Fuck the Children, and others. What more do we need?

Below is a post that I wrote before the Anene Booysen case. But the feeling of anger and hopelessness I feel is uncanny. There are memes going around pleading with people to hoot for 60 seconds today, Sunday 10 February 2013, to support the fight against rape in South Africa.

We are failing as a society. Let us get the basics right. This week there were plenty of angry responses to this horrendous assault on Booysen. But what happens after we chop off their penises? Lobotomies? The mindsets will still be firmly in place.

I’m all for harsher sentencing and making examples of others, but what then. You can cut off the heads (so to speak) but without securing the base, we are destined for repeated failure.

@LifeisSavage on Twitter said this, which I think sums up the general feeling in the country at this moment: “I dont gibe a f**k about your human rights…the moment you committed that act of violence you lost all your rights”

So here’s the original post. Excuse my rant:

Fuck the children

I mean, why do we even need to care about them? No one cared about us, right? Do we still believe that they are the future?

Fight in front of them and have squabbles and cry and tell them you love them as if they know the difference between types of tears at their age. What do they know?

Nothing, and everything. Why is our society so messed up, we wonder?  Because we can’t even get the base right. As a writer and professional immaturuoso, I retreat into fantasy and fiction too often for my own good. And this is where the children of the world will forever remain if we keep up the great work we are currently doing by messing up their lives. The beauty with this is that I get a chance to leave that state when I feel fit. Imagine a world where children never grow up, because they were deprived of this opportunity.

Even worse, a world where they will never get a chance to play. They will never get a chance to be. They will never get a chance. This has never been more evident with the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa. A generation of young people forced to raise their even younger siblings because they were handed a virus that is completely out of their frame of comprehension. Whatever happened to chicken pox and measles?

They will have plenty of time to grow up and colour in the lines and learn to speak correctly and use a knife and fork and look back and regret the Zuma era of politics with the rest of us. So why would you willingly put a child in a position where they would be forced to grow up? Because you can’t stand up. Because you can’t own up and face up to the selfishness that you are facing.

At this point I will contexualise briefly by stating that I have recently witnessed various incidences which make this rant relevant. People who should know better have put ideals of material wealth, or the notion of a perfect marriage or the enduring hope of forgiveness ahead of the well-being of individuals who asked for nothing. And are given nothing more than a robbed childhood.

In an interview with actress Viola Davis, she said that “Forgiveness is giving up the hope of a different past”. And if we are to grow as a nation, and as individuals, we first have to actually grow! Let’s take ourselves into consideration, but not forget that we have others coming too. In a world of quick fixes, let’s remember to nurture first.


 <p>Author <a href=”https://plus.google.com/102128103971030481396” target=”blank” rel=”author”>Jerome Cornelius</a></p>

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