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That Awkward Moment

By now I think everyone has posted a FB status or tweeted about their awkward moments. It has become pretty contrived and people have really taken the fun, and awkwardness out of it. That’s not the point everyone!

Well, I thought I would share my own “That Awkward Moment” : It was 2010 and I was in the Topics in Theatre class. At one point it became clear that I would have to take charge and be that asshole who is the organiser. So finally the day came for our big performances and we were setting up. Chairs had to be collected and laid out and there was a window that was not covered. We had to get the tiny theatre completely dark or the effect would have been lost. So I soldiered on and tried my best to get the place dark.

I was standing (are you ready for this?) on a chair which was on a table. Woopsie! I had someone holding the chair for me. Someone suggested using sticky tape to secure the curtain we were given. This however did not work. These things usually make sense when looking back, and from the ground below. The curtain fell down AGAIN and I was so pissed I screamed “FUCK MY ASS”

Now I was really embarrassed as this was very out of character for me and I did not mean it. After a second of actual thought, I realised that I can simply drape the curtain over the edge of the window which swings down, and shut it. I jumped down and was ready to get on stage, when my fellow classmates said “Ok guys, lets pray” THAT AWKWARD MOMENT when your Christian classmates want to pray after you just blasphemed.  Well, I guess I don’t have to say that I didn’t join the circle. I suppose it could have been worse; my usual refrain is “FUCK MY FUCKING FUCK YOU PIECE OF FUCK” Note to selves: don’t be in my presence when I stub my toe. Not pretty, and really awkward.

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