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Liiiiike… OMG!!

Do you die? I DIE. OMG how do you not know what that means? I asked a friend who said “No, I do not die” with a dead serious face. Get it? DEAD serious. I meant “Are you as happy/excited as I am that you could fall flat on your face, convulsing and just die right on the spot?” I mean, surely I was clear when I said that.

Do you have your own way of speaking? I think I do. Shortened, cropped, literal. Like literally I use the word “literally” like all the time, even not in its literal meaning. Literally. I made peace with this fact when I started using “LOL” in chat conversations, even though I would roll my eyes when others did it. I would often ask “Are you actually laughing, or just saying that cause it’s what you think you should preface every sentence with?”  It started making sense why I only have, like, literally five friends.

Now I’m sure this won’t endear me to my lecturers, and as an academic I would never dare speak this way in a conference or meeting of minds. But I do think that it forms an identity all on its own. I’m young and our minds are flexible. So we should be able to speak however we want and mix up as many different styles as possible. Like I totes had this convo with my bff and we were like, lank bru, chilled. And we was like “hoeko is jy so?” and im all like Na wa o, whatevz sorry for you. Nya right? Duh.


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