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Another Date – La Di Da

Two, to be exact. This past week alone I got promiscuous, but only in one sense. Yes, I have found my momentum again and this dater is back in the game. Two productive dates and once again, I have learned new things about myself through them.

One, Oprah aint got nothin’ on me! I am really improving on my conversation skills. Dewey was my first one. We had tea and a plum. No euphemism there. We sat under a tree and spoke and spoke. He is shy, even admitted to it. But after that hour I couldn’t shut him up. We went from life goals to love to romance to everything else in-between. When things got awkward, I had to jump in with a question and things went smoothly after that. I don’t know how we interviewers do it. Even though I have known him for a about two years, our conversation flowed and was so spontaneous.

Until he went quiet and stared at me. That awkward moment.

The second thing I learned is how much about myself I never really knew at all, or had forgotten. Once you really engage with someone, sit down and take in what they are saying; when you are fully present and can be conscious in their space and share that space, then you will really learn who you are. My second date this week was with The Shark. It too was pleasant and whimsical. Unfortunately there were no flying leaves, hot cocoa, and twirls. No, we just sat and spoke, but it was Autumn Awesome! As he spoke about his shit, so mine came pouring out. Now there is an image I wish I had thought over, maybe peer reviewed. Oh well.

We shared chips and drank some Oros. I got a little nervous as I thought later about what else I have to talk about as these dates go on. “How do I remain fresh and edgy?” asked the voice in my head which sounded like a model trying to hang on to the “heroin chic” look of the 90’s. This was not the first time that I have asked myself this question. Except this time the answer was not “more heroin and eyeliner.” The trick, according to me, is to stay relevant. Simple? Not always.

Going back to point one; reaching into the recesses of one’s mind may be easy when intoxicated, but I was neither drunk nor looking to lose anything. So everything I was saying was making sense and had to make sense to the other (also sober) people.
They were good dates, things were learned, laughs were had and I left rejuvenated and ready to keep meeting new and interesting people.

A quick update: the Tswana Queen has decreed that the number of dates which may be people you know personally may not exceed five. In which case I am screwed, and have to head back to that friggin drawing board.


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Liiiiike… OMG!!

Do you die? I DIE. OMG how do you not know what that means? I asked a friend who said “No, I do not die” with a dead serious face. Get it? DEAD serious. I meant “Are you as happy/excited as I am that you could fall flat on your face, convulsing and just die right on the spot?” I mean, surely I was clear when I said that.

Do you have your own way of speaking? I think I do. Shortened, cropped, literal. Like literally I use the word “literally” like all the time, even not in its literal meaning. Literally. I made peace with this fact when I started using “LOL” in chat conversations, even though I would roll my eyes when others did it. I would often ask “Are you actually laughing, or just saying that cause it’s what you think you should preface every sentence with?”  It started making sense why I only have, like, literally five friends.

Now I’m sure this won’t endear me to my lecturers, and as an academic I would never dare speak this way in a conference or meeting of minds. But I do think that it forms an identity all on its own. I’m young and our minds are flexible. So we should be able to speak however we want and mix up as many different styles as possible. Like I totes had this convo with my bff and we were like, lank bru, chilled. And we was like “hoeko is jy so?” and im all like Na wa o, whatevz sorry for you. Nya right? Duh.


<p>Author <a href=”https://plus.google.com/102128103971030481396” target=”blank” rel=”author”>Jerome Cornelius</a></p>

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