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Much ado about penis (6th Zuma wife speaks out)

My husband is such a dickhead. Laugh out loud! But what a man, right?

I escaped from my kraal at the back of the Zuma compound to tell the world to calm down and stop judging Jackie so harshly. Last night when we were doing our usual role playing, he opened up. He also told me how he feels.

I am partly to blame. That painting was actually inspired by one I had done of him. You see, after we watched Titanic 3D, we had some 3D fun of our own. Jake painted me, I painted him, he spoke Russian, I spoke French; it all became a little too romantic even for a classy lady like me.

Now what you people need to understand is that, what happens between two consenting men, I mean people, is their business. So what if JJ poses for me with little Jj getting some air. That is between husband and wife. I told him to calm down too, that other leaders have had similar paintings done, like the prime minister of some country called Canada. He has no need to feel anything but Pride.

I think Jay might be a little embarrassed that he actually had this one commissioned and then regretted it.  I was there when he had this painting done. He got so carried away, thinking it’s a photo shoot. I shouted give me more. Unfortunately he took this a bit too literally.

The media needs to understand that this is a matter of national security. What would happen if the people saw their leader in this position? What a hard position it will be for him. What a hard position it is for me! People need to put their selfish needs aside and realise that a true African man must be respected.  “This never happened to Nelson” he cried the other night as I crawled over my fellow wives to get a better listen. Those folks at the Goodman Gallery do not know what they are talking about. This is fine art! That is the issue here, right?

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