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The (hopefully) final Stand Up

I promised a follow-up to my first post regarding standing up and was wondering what more there was to say. I think I was comprehensive in explaining this, however as a social commentator, there always seems to be fodder for more.

Just a few loose ends; I did not want to tie those previous posts with Nelson Mandela Day and preferred to leave them as allusions. However, this month made me think about that again.

No preachy message, just that it shouldn’t take a day or a month for you to stand up and be noticed and speak up against the wrongs of our society.

Intense, right? They don’t call me Ian the Intense for nothing.

Women’s Day/Month brought this point home for me. Does this not highlight our hypocrisy that on Nelson Mandela Day there is a surge of patriotic giving, only to recede soon after? Women’s Month had the same outpouring, only with regards to our mothers, daughters, wives, compatriots and Queens. Give me a break!

I’m not entirely cynical though. Although they don’t call my Cyndi the Cynical for nothing; but surely this is a little ridiculous for something so realistic to implement.

My initial conversation with a friend after I posted the first “Stand Up” post was that often it is easier said than done. She reminded me that I am not always the same person in different settings. That is, if I were in some gang-infested violent cesspool and I witnessed someone making remarks about someone that offended me, how realistic would it be for me to go up and say “Watch your tongue, buddy” ? Not at all.

This is the dilemma, but also the reason why I stressed the need for the little things, regularly. If we save our feminist sentiments for one day or month a year and our charitable giving of time to 67minutes a year, how will we ever get anywhere?

A little PS: on Women’s Day, Helen Moffet posted a brilliant piece that tied in so well with what i was trying to articulate. Read it here:


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