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I Love Fat

So I have spoken a bit about the “It Gets Better” campaign and the last few posts have been depressing as all shit. So I thought i would talk about my new campaign.

I’m going to reveal another side of myself right now. Well, I already did in the title. But I’ll say it again- I… LOVE… Fat! I’ve been accused of being a chubby chaser, yet I’ve never dated anyone fat. My family is not fat. Yet it is all I think about most days.

This obsession started in my youth when I saw women in bathing suits and I thought of sausage. This made me hungry. Then I ate. This could also explain my relationship with food.

I am not advocating unhealthy lifestyles. I do not like the fact that South Africa has one of the highest rates of obesity in the world. I deplore any obesity related illnesses.  So if any of you know how to gain weight by eating your little vegetables or sushi or fibre or other such silly things, do let me know.

Another message to all those who are not spoken of enough and get lost in the food fray: the skinnies. We, as I unwillingly fall in this category too, are often overlooked in the fight against the fat. However, just because big is beautiful, does not mean that you are not.  Ok, maybe it does. But don’t let that affect how you see yourself in relation to our hefty half siblings.

I have never been able to pick up weight the way I wanted and this has always frustrated me. But to all those people who have been called “skinny bitches”;  to the boys who pump weights and see nothing but sinewy strands; to the mother who gets confused for her daughter and the father who gets hit on by older men for looking like a frail boy, I have a message for you– “It Gets Butter”

Eat up!

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