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3rd Date… And a New Recruit

The word is spreading. On Friday, a new member to the 100 Dates Challenge joined the ranks. The Shark, as he shall be called, heard about the challenge and he like it. And even wants to start his very own blog about it. So I look forward to updates from him.

In other news, I had another date. A threesome, no less. Never one, or three, to do things by half measures, I embarked on a walkabout with Tswana and jolyndotme.wordpress.com, as she shall henceforth be named. Tswana bought me a beaded necklace and jolyndotme.wordpress.com got a purple armband. It was later over chips and juice that we asked, “Hey, does this count as a date?” YES it did. Strike two and three! Booyah.
This got me thinking: are the best dates not ones with people you already know? Who really enjoys the anticipation of a blind date? All that pressure to look and be a certain way. As one who does not care all that much about the way I look, this has never boded well for me. Blind dates should be scrapped from all of societal thinking. Please. Or friends should screen them first. That way you get an idea of who the person is and it won’t feel like the very first date. I know, I know. Another stroke of genius. Save the thanks for the wedding speech.


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