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100 Dates Stalled

So it looks like this dater and blogger has hit a speed bump. My intention was to write a post after my previous date with Lane, a beautiful young lady whom I asked out for coffee and a peach. She of course agreed and we had a splendid time. The problem was that I arrived late and we were also interrupted by Angel, another new entrant to the blogging world and a potential next date. He called me into a meeting and then I had to leave for booty camp. Talk about busy for all the wrong reasons. Needless to say I was not impressed. Neither was Lane. In fact, she may still be sitting on that bench waiting for me to return like a war wife. I asked her out again and she was gracious as ever and readily agreed. Making time for these are hard! I’ve only had a handful and only with people I know>. This was my intention when embarking on the challenge, but even so, I must reiterate how exhausted I am at this point. But alas, I encourage all daters to not give up hope. Keep pushing and before you know it I will be giving the endless wedding speech. For now, I hope that everyone is still enjoying the challenge and increasing that circle of friendship.


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