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Number One. This could be kak

Here we go, I suppose. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw right now, although I am speaking out loud because my budget did not cover a narrator, and the guy I had in mind was a bitch. I am, however, lounged out on a bed in my underwear. The people in this coffee shop don’t like it, but hey, we all can’t appreciate good art.

So my first post will be about exactly this. Blogging. Writing. Sharing. Why do we, the idiots of the animal kingdom, feel the need to own, conquer and share what’s on our minds. Because that is essentially what it is. When you put your thoughts down, you own it. Like putting your roots down in a foreign country and staking your claim. Same thing.

Words are power people. Words are also power, people. I don’t know who the power people are, but that is beside the point. So why blog then? As an aspiring writer and reporter of all that is unjust in our society (I’m coming for you Lindsay Lohan) I like the platform that anyone can have. Do we all use it wisely? NO! So I will do my best to be informative, funny or, if need be, just plain stupid.


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