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Dear Floor Jawers: Milestone and a Video!

My Floor Jawers, I hope you are all doing splendfabutastically (I’m trying something. I think it’s cute. Sue me!)

I have not been my usual sprightly self, and for that I apologise. I humble myself before you and the Lord Lady Gaga and ask for forgive- and forgetness.  My personal life has not been thriving as it should. If I find a good angle, and if it actually gets to the point of being blog-worthy, you will be sure to read all about it.

But on to more exciting things – another milestone! For those who have been keeping count, we are down (or up) to 106 posts. That’s over a century of jawonthefloor writing. If you do not remember, as you shouldn’t, the previous milestone was 45. Why? Because I said so. This time I avoided the dreaded 100 for two reasons. The first one was that I celebrated a birthday on the day that I posted my 100th post. The second reason is that I detest milestone celebrations.

I know people who celebrate monthly anniversaries. Who are you trying to kid? Some see it as a constant reminder of their love; I see it as overkill and compensation. Bah humbug. I don’t make a fuss of my birthday because we live in a world obsessed with age and showing off. These two apparently don’t work well together. Twenty year olds, in their attempts to stay trendy look and act like fifty year olds. The latter, concurrently and not surprisingly, do the same and end up looking as idiotic.

I make a point of not harping on about my age as it draws attention to it. If you do want to know my age, you should kill me, cut me open and count the rings. Also, you could ask and I’d gladly tell. No confidentiality clause in my contract.  However, my fountain of youth is still playing it on the down low.

So why do we not feel the need to do so with other milestones? Because we live for the validation, that’s why! It feels great.  If I lied and told the jawonthefloor republic that I had hit 100 posts a month ago, no one would know better, and we would celebrate and you would congratulate me and it would be a mayo fest. I hope.  And I would love it. And no one would know any better. Yet we make a big hoopla when something seemingly important happens in our lives, as if it has any bearing.   The 1,000th Facebook friend, the 100th tweet, the whatever the Google+ equivalent is… it all means nothing but validation. It’s as futile as aging!

I have this theory: if you were to slip into a coma and wake up the next day with no memory, you wouldn’t know your age. I could tell you that you were ten years older or younger and you would have no choice but to believe it. So why the emphasis on a simple number that has no bearing on anything else? Think about it as you nervously put the champagne back to avoid this awkward and extended toast.

But what I do hope, as I said in the previous milestone, is to keep doing what I do. That milestone, 45 posts, was a lot more sarcastic and was not meant to be taken seriously. This time I do want to thank everyone for reading my thoughts and spreading the word. You all are awesome.


On another note, and an actual milestone, I recently uploaded my first video on YouTube. It is a digital story and I am very proud of it. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is a glorified slide show with sound. So check it out and enjoy. At last count, I had one view. And I think that that was me. I’d be interested to know what others think of it. Enjoy!

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