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Right About… (Poem)

As a writer, my strength lies in prose. I dabble in poetry from time to time. This is my tongue-in-cheek stab at my feelings on this artform.

Right About…

“Don’t be silly”

I tell my self.

You’re imagining,


Walls can’t bend and cave in

and wobble and shake,

the earth epileptic.

The pen can’t slither out of your hand

and spit words that heal and entice.

Stop fooling yourself.

You cannot go

to other worlds,

by leaning into the page.

And you especially can’t run

up the side of a building

and dive into pools of gold.

And definitely don’t dream about flying,

because it will never happen.

Especially not in a poem.


<p>Author <a href=”https://plus.google.com/102128103971030481396” target=”blank” rel=”author”>Jerome Cornelius</a></p>

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