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“No Dream Come True” by Roché Kester (Poem)

This was a comment posted by a dear friend who is an actual poet. She is super talented and I am honoured that she shared her poem after reading my post based on my experience with forgiveness which you can read here https://jawonthefloor.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/eat-pray-forgive-him-her-and-you/

I’ve italicised the comment. Thank you again Roché. Love you!

I actually love your blog and especially the discipline that goes with constantly updating it.

Love the post, and love that book too. Who knew you were actually a spiritualist underneath it all?

I wrote a poem recently, kind of with the same theme and to make it true, and meaningful , I share it.xcuse the diva-syndrome for posting it on your blog ( oops!), but I just wanted you to read it too.

No dream come true

And maybe someday she’d be
elbow deep in sunlight water
drenched in her thoughts
of work, life and dreams
scouring the doubts
soaking the kinks
until she would be forced to stop
and listen,
no longer just hear
as the pulse of his voice
streamed from the radio
penetrated her ear
arrested her heart
with that unmistakable pitch,
which sang foreign apologies
for not being her dream come true
admittance of
“ I was the wrong kind of solace for you”.

and she’d feel guilty
for spewing those last words of dirt
to rid herself of the hurt
so that in turn
he could carry it instead
compelling him to listen,
no longer just hear
the words she had always battled to sing.

Now, in fear of her own fate
and the trinitarian dame karma
she cried penitence,
craved pardon
partook in purification rituals
midnight mantras
to rid herself of the acidic infliction
of a broken heart
which maimed,
remained injured
by resistance of a cure.

And maybe someday
She would not have to
hear that song
And before long
she’d realise
that forgiveness was born of her own
no need of reciprocal validation
an internal meditation
that cleanses itself a it learns
that she should apologise too
thoroughly and truly
for being far from his dream come true.

PS: To me “You, my dear, are a dynamic bitch and a hot piece of ass!”


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