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That Thing Called Sex

I had a conversation with friends regarding this. That. The unspeakable act.

Does it warrant an entire blog post? Let’s see.

My idea is actually about the conflation of love with sex. Why do we mash this carnal act with that thing where we lose our minds and our hearts melt into ooze?

[A previous post on my take on “Love” can be viewed here –http://wp.me/p2cY2A-1l ]

Here’s a useful analogy of my own (it could be a little crude for those with vivid imaginations): I describe it as the ultimate hug. You know when you hug someone? Sure you do! It feels warm and comforting and it’s the best thing ever. You can’t get enough. You also can’t get close enough. You squeeze and squeeze and you embrace until all notions of personal space are destroyed [I’m still talking about hugging here, for those who may have wandered off]

Sex cures this need to get closer as you can’t get closer than that.

Love is similar as you want to be inside of the person in more than a physical way. You want them closer and you never want them to leave, no matter what. Except it is more than just that physical hug. That, combined with the actual sex, is the ultimate sense of what I think love might be.

I also think that there is no one single idea or definition. However, I also think that this is the root of the problem with love and sex. People enter relationships thinking that they would be involved in it in the conventional sense.  They think that this is what they want. You know the kind that parents have on sitcoms and family dramas; the nuclear family that was the result of meeting your soul mate and having kids and settling down.

But let’s not blame the media alone. This is a very appealing picture and I’m sure many people still want it. But that restlessness seems to inevitably kick in and we can’t help but sample more of those ultimate hugs.

That feeling of the ultimate hug is carried over and confused with the oozy love part. Why stick around and do the work when you can just keep getting the hug? So I do see the appeal of hopping from one to the other.  However, let us stop confusing one with the other. Happy experimenting though, but please Floor Jawers, be careful not to hurt anyone in the process.

And my apologies for all the oozing.

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