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Subtweezy in the Heezy


This is not a slang term for hair removal down south. No, this is a trend which I have seen grown, not only on Twitter, but all over.

Sub-tweeting is when you mention someone, without actually mentioning them. Crazy, right?

It would go something like this. “I am so over your shit! When will you treat me right? I deserve better than this!!!” And this gets sent out to the interwebs for all of Twitter to view, and enjoy.

This drives me crazy, because people share something which should be private on a social network, yet they are not really sharing. This leaves me conflicted. I want to know what the back story is, but when you ask people what’s happening, they reply “Nothing. I’m ok J”

When you ask them why they post it in the first place, it becomes a case of “well this is my Facebook/Twitter and I’ll do what I want with it and you can just unfriend/unfollow.” Not defensive at ALL.

But then why is this called a social medium if people are not being social? Of course I am not advocating that everyone not say how they feel, but why not mention it to them if you’re up for the ensuing argument. Or just do it in private? Strength in numbers, maybe?

Maybe I’m too direct and not easily offended. In a training exercise called the Johari Window in December 2012, some very funny observations came up. This is an exercise in which you identify your characteristics, and your ‘blind spots’ get identified as others point out what they think of you. It is a fabulous tool, as it employs the good, the bad and especially the ugly.

The funny thing was when people had traits which many people agreed on, but the individuals still disagreed on it. I couldn’t argue with the fact that I’m ‘overdramatic’ or ‘loud’, but ‘humourless’?! (We had a laugh about it later, ironically enough).

I was glad that I now knew how others felt about me, without actually telling me to my face.

So there is definitely a place for sub-tweeting in society, if it helps others and is a catalyst for a new way of thinking. I’ve only ever sub-tweeted one person, and for that I apologised, in a sub-tweet. I looked back and realised that it was immature. [Yes, jawonthefloor has its mature moments. Few and far between, but who is counting?]

But why is it so hard to say what we think of others, to their faces? I don’t think I have this problem, but am not entirely exempt. A big part of it is fear of exposing our own vulnerabilities and insecurities when pointing out the flaws of others. And on the side, it is fear of offending. Even the bitchiest bitch has regrets when calling out someone. I think all people have a good side, no matter how much they deny it. So why not say it in a sub-tweet?!

You can always just deny it later, right?


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