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1st “Real” Date

For those following the 100 Dates challenge which some of my friends and I are doing, a new rule was implemented (because we make it up as we go along). The number of people who you can ask out on a date whom you know personally may not exceed five. So I passed that number about four dates ago.

But before I get ahead of myself, a quick recap. Or lack of one. The other challengers/daters have been slacking off. Tswana Queen and Bienkie have both been quite lazy and complacent and have not upped their dating game. I’m not one to speak, seeing as I’ve had just one extra since the last post.

Back to the date. The Hippo is a friend whom I met via Facebook. An all-round good guy, I was not too worried about this one. And true to form it flowed from the start. We blazed through conversations ranging from careers (and lack of, in my case), likes and dislikes, hates and dis-hates. We had a lot in common. More than I ever expected, which is always a good thing.

However, I thought that I would present this one differently. A friend and follower suggested I do a “Do’s and Don’ts” after the dates. So I thought I would try it with this one.

Do :

–          Your research. Don’t ask someone to bowling at a mall where there is still construction and you are not sure whether the food court is fully operational. It was not. Google is your friend. Tygervalley shopping centre, I hate you.

–          Listen and allow the other person to talk. A seemingly obvious detail, but how they forget. I learned a lot by doing this!

–          Choose wisely from the menu. I thought I was being cute choosing the starters to share, then I messed the salsa and the cheese on the mushrooms was a nightmare.

–          Speak about your exes… only if you both are ok with that part of your histories. We excelled in this; discussing the fools in a candid way.

Don’t :

–          Be too generous with your sense of humour if it is quite biting and often misunderstood. I had no problems with this one, thank the gods.

–          Try to be perfect. You will seem pretentious. This was a conscious decision on my part to be myself, but also not too much as to compensate for nerves (yes there were nerves!) Although I made sure to not order any chicken. That would have been a disaster for me. I love chicken.

That’s it. Another one down and one step closer to dating glory. As you can see, the “Don’ts” are much shorter than the “Do’s.”  This should be inspiration to others to not be nervous when trying something new. I hope that everyone is at least a little inspired to meet new people and refine those social skills. I already feel like a master conversationalist, so there’s one feather in my cap. Looking forward to other challengers stepping up to the plate.

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